Horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus)

The horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) is a species of perciform fish of the family Carangidae. A very fast and dexterous swimmer, it usually aggregates in large shoals in open water between 10 and 200 m depth. Reaches sexual maturity at the end of the second year of life, with the reproductive period running from November to March.

Wide distribution in the Mediterranean and in the north-east Atlantic, from Iceland to the coasts of Cape Verde. Fished with trawl or purse seine gear. It is also commonly traded under the name of horse mackerel.

Years ago it was abundant on the Cantabrian and Basque coasts, although catches have fallen in recent years.

Scientific name: Trachurus trachurus

Shape: Elongated body, slender and flattened on the sides with a small tail shaft. Small rounded scales that are easily removed.

Minimum size: 20 cm.

Colour: Grey or bluish-green back, silver flanks with a metallic sheen and whitish underparts.

Maximum length: 60 cm, usually 30 cm. Can weigh more than 2 kg.

Season for catching: All year round. Most likely in summer, autumn and winter.

Catch area: FAO 27

Presentation formats:

  • Block frozen in carton box 20 Kg.
  • Frozen in block shrink-wrapped 13 Kg approx.