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Arrankoba has been developing constantly as well as the market demand, diversifying and enlarging the product range that manufactures and markets.

As it is a company that from the beginning is aware of its activities in the importance of the quality and the adaptation of its products to the demand of the market, Arrankoba thinks that the activities of Research and Development are fundamental. That is why we notice the trends of the actual consumer, that is progressing to the easiness of the preparation of the products, the concern about healthy feeding and the organoleptic quality of the products, that are being inclined towards the natural products and the products that are similar to the homemade food.

Arrankoba has concentrated its development of new products, so it reaches attractively the final consumers market thanks to the easiness of its preparation and has developed a new line of work of elaborated products.

On the other hand, in Arrankoba we work with a lot of underestimated species supplied by the inshore fleet, benefiting the fishing activities of the Basque harbours, because there is where is mostly supplied, because thanks to its productive activity ensures the consumption of these underestimated species.



Quality and innovation in the transforms of the fishing

With more than a quarter of century of activity, Arrankoba is a small and dynamic company, that bets on a constant tech-nological development and innovation to main-tain itself as a compe-titive and distinguished company that always pur-sues the quality of its products.


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