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Arrankoba, S.C.L. is a company that works in the purchase, the freezing and the transformation of the fish which was caught in the Cantabrian coastline.

Since its creation in 1981 has worked in freezing and keeping at frozen temperatures the fish that isdestined to be bait or to human consumption in the tinned food production.

Arrankoba works with the kinds of fish that are caught by the ships of the fleet of the coast like the tuna, mackerel, horse-mackerel, sardine, starling, pipefish, bogue...

After the starting years trying to establish its product in a wholesale market of quality, Arrankoba evaluated the chances of foreign market and embarked on the international market. The company achieved the purpose of settling in this market and having growth gradually, at the same time as its productive capacity and evolution





Quality and innovation in the transforms of the fishing

With more than a quarter of century of activity, Arrankoba is a small and dynamic company, that bets on a constant tech-nological development and innovation to main-tain itself as a compe-titive and distinguished company that always pur-sues the quality of its products.


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