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The different formats that Arrankoba offers are the frozen, refrigerated, packed, tray sealed, interleaved in boxes, low, vacuum...

Some examples:

descabezado y eviscerado

Fish headless and gutted to use in the catering and the hotel industry chains, which allows them to keep the fish frozen and to use immediately after defrosting it and without the need to gut it, because it takes a long time.


filete limpio

Totally cleaned Fish Fillets that can be used in the catering and hotel industry chains as a product that is ready to cook, or they can be distributed in the large areas as a product that is ready for the final consumer that have neither time nor experience to gut, so the only thing that he/she has to do is to open the container and cook the fish as he/she likes.


filete listo para cocinar

Pieces of fish ready to cook, skinless and boneless, that will be coated in breadcrumbs, in batter or will be treated in different ways by the precooked meals producers that demand the fish transformed to avoid unknown operations.


filete salado

Salted or marinade fish fillets, for their posterior use in the canning industry, segment that starts demanding transformed because of the innovation that is also given in the canning sector.


As well as this elaborated products range that is already in the national and the international market by Arrankoba, it continues with the process of Research and Development of New Transformed Fish Products with added value and differentials that increase the possibilities for marketing Basque fishing products and also increase the productive return and the acquisition of the technology of Arrankoba, which is an investment for the future because of the level of differentiation and establishment in the market that entails.


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