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With more than a quarter of century of activity, Arrankoba is a small and dynamic company, that bets on a constant technological development and innovation to maintain itself as a competitive and distinguished company that always pursues the quality of its products.

For Arrankoba, the quality of its products must be understood like the constancy of the technical charateristics, of the security and hygiene, as well as the authenticity and the specification of its productive processes.

Because of this aim, its time that Arrankoba had a rigorous process of quality assurance of all its processes and products and it has set a modern traceability system that makes possible to identify all the lots at any moment of the productive chain.

This innovative attitude, which is unusual in the small companies associated to the extraction sector, has ensured the trust of its national and international clients andhas helped to keep the company in a competitive market that in the last years is so affected by the alimentary crisis in the sale level.

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